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At VisionMark, we believe that shouldn’t have to be a big enterprise to receive agency-quality marketing that drives results for your business. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to generic social marketing content just because it is cheap.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, especially in the housing industry. We created VisionMark to deliver agency-quality marketing services and enterprise marketing support to deliver results at a reasonable price.

Below you will find packages that deliver everything you need to build a brand that dominates your market, along with the marketing support that hits the mark every time.

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This process is a way for our team to learn your voice, your experiences, and what relatable content can be produced for your business and/or your personal brand to allow for all of your marketing goals to be hit and a warm audience to be created.

This is to create your pillars of strength in your brand so we have different outlets to hit through the weeks and months that we produce your content. This is another tool we use after the discovery process to build common themes within your posting to create raving fans online and not to deter from your baseline messaging.

A calendar that will be sent to you for approval of your marketing postings prior to posting, additionally a way for you to see what is to come on your social platforms and/or e-mail campaigns.

Short form videos that are produced on mediums like tik-tok, instagram, and facebook

Made more for YouTube, Facebook and sometimes Instagram & LinkedIn

One page funnel built on the web, almost like a mini-website





Per Month
+ $497 set up fee
  • Editorial Discovery

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Calendar

  • Up to 3 Newsletters

  • 2 videos (short-form and long-form) and 3 posts per week 

  • Up to 23 Posts per month on each social channel

  • 1 LinkedIn Article




Per Month
+ $997 set up fee
  • Editorial Discovery

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Calendar

  • 3 videos (short-form and long-form) and 5 posts per week 

  • Up to 4 Newsletters

  • Up to 35 Posts per month on each social channel

  • 2 LinkedIn Articles
  • Instagram Growth Engines 

  • Website Optimization (Twice per Month)




Per Month 
+ $2497 set up fee
  • Editorial Discovery

  • Photo Shoot

  • Video Shoot

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Calendar

  • 5 videos (short-form and long-form) and 6 posts per week 

  • Up to 50 Posts per month on each social channel

  • Up to 6 Newsletters

  • 4 LinkedIn Articles
  • Podcast or Live Show

  • Instagram Growth Engines

  • Website Optimization (Once per week)
  • Business and Personal Brand Included 





One time cost

  • Editorial Discovery

  • Logo

  • Slogan

  • Photo Shoot

  • Email Campaign Templates
  • Social Post Templates (size oriented)
  • Business Card design
  • Social Set up or initial launch on social with Grid design 



per month
+ $1,000 set up fee

  • Editorial Discovery

  • 8 Graphics (Headshot and other shots submitted by client)

  • 3 Email Campaigns (Up to 5 Call to actions per series)

  • 4 Videos (Short-form or Long-form Combinations - Short-form is 1 min or shorter, Long-form 2 mins or longer up to 3:30)

  • 2 Digital Flyers
  • 1 Splash page or bumper added to site or for event of any kind 
  • All deliverables are per month and no rollovers apply
  • Three Month Minimum
  • You post, we provide




One time cost

  • Editorial Discovery

  • Multi-page Websites

  • Sales Funnel

  • Optimization Engines

  • Copywriting
  • Imagery
  • HTML and grounding build
  • Lead Capture
  • Social Platform Links
  • Maintenance for three months ($300 per month to being month four or can opt-out)